Homepage version from May 9th, 2020:

Demystifying The Most Natural v2.0

"Something" separates "me" from "God/Source/Life/Self".

In the mechanical realm the use of concepts, assumptions and mental images is very powerful in our attempt to manipulate objects and to change circumstances.

In our own inner realm incessant, unaware thinking becomes the veil that distracts us from the benevolent realization of the core of our Being.

Our "sin" -- missing the mark -- is simply a faulty thinking on behalf of the one we 'believe' ourselves to be.

Interestingly, we are heavily invested in our faulty thinking; and unaware, we defend it for life!

Not even "God" can help us, if there is no hunger on our side to happily explore how we create and perpetuate our own suffering.

The instruction is clear: "ask and ye shall receive"... we need to understand the metaphors .

A very simple, easy guided meditation with Mooji from Jamaica (42 minutes).

A meditation with Rupert Spira, a gentle man from London (45 minutes).

"Whatever comes goes."

"Excitement is a scam of the mind."

~Discern between your Self and your mind.~

"Be Knowingly the Presence of Awareness"

04:00 and therefore is not the imperturbable
peace and unconditional fulfilment that
is the nature of myself available in all
experiences at all times under all
circumstances for all people

32:23 if in this disinterested and
benevolent contemplation old feelings
that have been buried in you since early
childhood arise and be careful not to
escape the discomfort of them by
thinking on the contrary be happy that
they are making themselves known after
all they have been buried in the body
all these years dictating our thoughts
and feelings and our subsequent
activities and relationships from behind
the scenes so to speak
in this disinterested and benevolent
contemplation we are gently inviting
them out of their hiding places

"Know the Truth (that which never changes) and the Truth will set you free".

Words are like street signs for our attention to follow, to dissolve in Awareness.

"Awakening is spontaneous, liberation is gradual".

With great gratitude to Roger Castillo for his living example and humility, showing me practically how all the pieces can be together: peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances.

Thank you!