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Demystifying The Most Natural

Would it be fair to say -- even to a materialist -- that without the Breath of Life we wouldn't be aware, we wouldn't exist!

To know and embrace being aware in Consciousness/God -- free of faulty thinking -- is the highest, most practical discovery in life:
"Now this is eternal life, that they may know You."
What separates us from our first-hand
experience, but an unaware layer of cultural and individual conditioning.

Hu = God/Love/Life/Source. The cause of the phenomena of life.

Man = All people who have ever lived and will live.

I AM is the distance-less portal that connects Consciousness/God and you/man.

The most simple, natural and effortless awareness of the sense "I am, I exist" is sufficient to make your most important connection in this lifetime.

Words are pointers for our awareness to follow, to discover, to explore.

Words about God are not God; any idea about God is an idol -- a mental image -- that distracts us from being in God's presence (being consciously connected to Source).

What seems to separate us from our own Source is an incessant outlook at life through the lens of our thinking mind; we assume only concepts instead of seeing what IS.

Authentic meditation / prayer can be a direct path to bypass the veil between our Self and our Source; to detox from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

It is not easy to understand that the metaphors of scriptures and Truth-teachings apply to our here and now; to encourage a seeing beyond our current conditioning.
Our fulfillment is not in changing circumstances but in Being in touch with Life beyond the cocoon of thinking.

We are so easily intimidated even by our own thoughts, feelings, fears and assumptions.
Instead to run away -- even the subtle escape into thinking -- we can allow experience to come close.

The Source of all life is not an old man with a long beard, elsewhere.
Infinite God is not a localized person in the sense we perceive ourselves to be.

God is not an object in space and time, rather "in him we live and move and have our being." Acts 17:28

God and Consciousness are synonymous terms to point our awareness to the discovery of our own benevolent and boundless Source, as I am.

It is our birthright to know our true nature, our Source; to live in harmony with Life, Nature and all of mankind. We don't need any mediator, organization or strenuous practice in order to rest in and as "the peace that passeth understanding".

Help is available when we ask. "God cannot be mocked."

The exploration of our innermost being is neither difficult nor easy; not a consumable joyride or casual entertainment. It requires Love, vigilance and bravery if our aim is to live free of suffering.

In our search for Truth -- that which never changes -- we can be fruitlessly busy for decades: What am I really seeking, what do I really want, in practical terms?

A very simple, easy guided meditation with Mooji from Jamaica (42 minutes).

A meditation with Rupert Spira, a gentle man from London (45 minutes).

"Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex."

"Excitement is a scam of the mind."

"Whatever comes goes."

"The one thing the separate self cannot stand is being clearly seen. To see the separate self clearly is to see its non-existence."

"Be knowingly the Presence of Awareness."

"Know the Truth (that which never changes) and the Truth will set you free."

"Awakening is spontaneous, liberation is gradual."

With great gratitude to Roger Castillo for his living example and humility, in showing me practically how all the pieces can come together.

Thank you!